Class Description


Creative Movement/Pre-School - Our creative movement and pre-school dance classes use basic child behaviors such as skipping and jumping to provide the basis for structured movement with artistic interpretation in the classroom setting.

Tap - A dance technique based on the use of the feet as a musical instrument.  Dancers focus on sounds and rhythms they create individually and as an ensemble.

Jazz - A dance technique based upon the movements in ballet incorporating various styles from musical, cultural, and theatrical influences.

Hip-Hop - A free style dance form based on jazz movements and incorporating hip-hop rhythms.  This form of dance continues to evolve under today’s musical and cultural influences.

Ballet -  A dance technique following a syllabus that provides the foundation for all forms of dance, building on the concepts of turn-out, line, center, balance, and flexibility.

Pointe - An advanced aspect of ballet for female dancers, requiring a high degree of strength and technical precision in the feet in ankles.  Participation in pointe classes is by invitation only, and requires two ballet technique classes per week.

Cecchetti Method - Is a ballet technique and training system traditionally taught as a series of graded examinations progressing from beginner to professional level.

Modern -  Moves away from traditional rules of ballet and is often focused on emotional intention of the dancer through movement of the torso with contact and release movement, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation.  Modern dance is performed in bare feet.

Lyrical/Contempoary - A combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, incorporating a story or theme.

YDE Company - A performance company, Youth Dance Ensemble, is available for dancers age 8 through 18 who are interested in a more intensive course of study.  Admission is by audition only.